Security is our middle name

Rincon Web Hosting is reliable and secure by design.

Free SSL

Powered by Let's Encrypt, we provide easy to install SSLs at no additional cost for all your domains. Additionally, our care team is here to support you with the installation of your SSL.

No Data corruption

All your data is stored across multiple drives. Using real time, automated synchronization we're able to compare data and ensure zero corruption.

Daily backups

We create no less than four daily backups of your files, therefore if anything goes wrong, we are able to retrieve your content. You can easily restore your website using the Hpanel. Also your dedicated care team would be more than happy to do it for you. 

Virus Free

Rincon Web Hosting protects their servers and your website using advanced anti-virus software. Additionally, our firewall protects your website from downtime due to DDOS attacks.